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About Namakkal


Namakkal, even known as Namagiri is called ?Educational City?, the ?Poultry City? and the Transport City? of India. Namakkal is a sacred place that contains both charm and history. The fort of Namakkal is guarded by a giant Anjaneya. The idol is so famous that it has been known as Namakkal Hanuman. There is also another Anjaneya on the banks of the tank, Kamalalaya. The difference between both the idols is that while the former is massive the latter is a wonderful piece of art.Besides contributing to the scenic beauty of this district cum city, the hills and waterfalls of this area make it an ideal place for bird watching and trekking. Namakkal is even famous for herbal medicines.


Eating Out  

Breakfast is generally completed with idli or dosa accompanied by tomato or coconut chutney. Upma, poori, vada and idiyappam are other alternatives that often replace those dishes on the breakfast table. In the afternoon, rice is consumed with staple dishes like kootu, sambar, rasam and buttermilk. Fish, mutton and chicken are the mainstays in the non-vegetarian food category. In the evening, snacks like murukku, vada and pakoda are favored. The fast foods centers along the roadside offer a variety of dishes.


Being a small city cum district of south India, this place has not got many attractive shopping options. However, the tourists visiting the place often opt from the local handmade goods, jewelry or different kinds of silk products from its local or neighboring market places to take back to their hometown as a memento of Namakkal. Names of some of the shops of the district are: K. R. S. Textiles, Salem Stores, Salem Trading, S. K. S. Fashions.


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