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About Kannur


Kannur also known as cannanore, is a beautiful city on the northern side of kerala state in india. Kannur is a beach town and is the largest city in the northern parts of kerala.The city has rich colonial heritage and many signs of this can still be seen today. Kannur often known as the "crown of Kerala" because its natural treasures, is edged by the western ghats in the east and kozhikode and wayanad districts in the south, the lakshadweep Sea in the west and Kasargod in the north.In that Kannur is the one of the best tourist spot in kerala. In kerala it is the 4th largest city after kozhikode, Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi.It is famous for its traditions, appearance and this place has more rich history which accompaniment in the minds of legends and scholars.As per the latest survey the total population of kannur district is 2.5 million.

Eating Out  

Yet, the best thing about food from Kerala is its abundant yet subtle use of spices. But outside the state, one finds its cuisine most maligned thanks to the idli-dosa-vada fare that is usually presented in its name. There is also a number of delectable chutneys to accompany your meal. They are to be had alongwith the crisp banana chips and Kerala pappadam.
Visitors would vouch for the Varutha Meen (fried fish) Onion Salad. The Unakka Meen (dry shark) Chammanthy is also rated very good. For vegetarians, there is the Boiled Beetroot Salad and the Mixed Vegetable Salad with Lettuce. They could also try the Spicy Coconut Chammanthy. The Nadan Kozhi Biryani (chicken biryani) is a Malabar speciality and sports a strong Muslim influence. This biryani, with a distinct flavour of coconut, curry leaves and spices, is entirely different from the more usual Hyderabadi biryani.


Shopping in Kannur is as exciting as touring the mystical place. Kannur is famous for its local crafts and textiles wherein you will find a traditional touch in each and every item in Kerala. Kannur is famous for its gold jewellery shops present in the main roads with busy shopping centres.You will be amazed to see the amount of gold that is bought by people here. Kannur , apart from jewellery, is also well-known for its ivory carvings, pottery, brocade fabrics and earthenware products. It is an unforgettable experience to shop for those small traditional items in Kannur. Also famous are the Kerala spices that are available in Kannur. You can choose from turmeric, pepper, ginger powder and other exotic spices that are available here. You can buy the famous wooden "Kathakali" face as a remembrance of this beautiful place.

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